MQA High Quality Streaming

MQA Streaming. Just What Is It?

Simply put, there’s streaming and then there’s MQA streaming. This is a form of audio streaming that does not lose quality or speed. Get rid of the wires. Get rid of the junk. Organize your music collection and keep every bit of the quality you demand from you home audio set up. Entertainment Technology is proud to be one of the only dealers of this level of quality in Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey, and throughout much of New York.

Let’s talk about a few great options. First, we have Moon by SimAudio. Using a SimAudio’s interface, MiND 2, Moon provides a variety of hardware and software options. From amps and pre-amps to all-in-one solutions, Moon will provide truly mind blowing audio that is ready to connect to Roon, Tidal, and variety of other audio streaming options. Learn more about Moon products here.

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Speaking of Roon, we would be remiss to not include this fantastic digital media solution to any MQA discussion. Roon is devoted to providing the most high tech, high quality digital library to its customers. Featuring MQA streaming, an interactive listening experience, and user-friendly interface, Roon is setting the standard for home entertainment.


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