Video Wall

Watch your favorite sports on larger than life screen. Experience our 14’ video wall and lose yourself in a stunningly beautiful movie or a larger than life sports game.


ET features a planar video wall made up of nine independent screens designed and made to work with each other in order to come together and display one large picture with virtually no distortion at all (even in glare).  Imagine seeing every football game in one place on Sunday without having to change the channel or squint to make out fine text on screen.

Our video wall has the ability to eliminate the need to leave the house and visit a sports bar. Instead turn your own house into the man cave of the century for sports events this season.

Controllable through our home integration system that we offer, the video wall is great for home and for business uses as well. Displaying your content is as easy as can be because the video wall supports almost any device. Come in and see for yourself.

Maybe you’re not a sports fan that’s fine because our video wall has so many different sources connected to it (apple TV, Playstation  4, and a super gaming computer to top it all off just in case you want to experience the video wall in your own way).


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Video Wall