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MQA Streaming

Just What Is It?

Simply put, there’s streaming and then there’s MQA streaming. This is a form of audio streaming that does not lose quality or speed. Get rid of the wires. Get rid of the junk. And keep every bit of the quality and standards you demand from you home audio set up. Below are some of the latest, most powerful MQA options available today. And yes, Entertainment Technology has them to try and buy. Stop by the showroom for more information and to schedule a live demonstration.

Out of This World Software and Audio Equipment

ACE All-In-One Music Player

The finest sounding and most complete “all-in-one” available, the ACE can do virtually anything expected of a high-performance audio component of this nature. Accentuated by our world renowned MOON sonic signature – visceral tight bass, transparent midrange, precise natural highs – along with lifelike sound, plus countless features, the ACE will be the “heart and soul” of all your musical indulgences.

MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device)

streams music from a digital music library to an audio system. The digital library can consist of music stored on a computer, on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and on music services, such as Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz. It can also access all Internet radio stations from TuneIn.

780D v2 Streaming DAC

The 780D v2 is Roon Ready and allows the playback of all the most common file formats, including DSD, and MQA file formats via all inputs.

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Forget everything you know about music players.
Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it.

Incredible Sound.
Amazing Interaction.
In the transition from physical to digital media, something has been lost. We have more convenience than ever, but no feeling of excitement or engagement.

Roon looks at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between artists, composers, performers, conductors, and producers.

What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music.


Bringing All Your Music Together

Music lovers have content from many sources, often acquired over years of collecting. Roon identifies your music, then enhances it with the latest metadata.

And this isn’t just for your local files, it works for content from TIDAL too!

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