Video and Audio Integration

Take back your Home with one simple button press! Bring all your audio, video, and surveillance equipment into one centralized system. Control your home from your tablet or smartphone from anywhere in your house.

We are certified dealers for Creston, Lutron, Savant and Control4

Clear away all the remotes that you used to need in order to control all the equipment you own. Home automation incorporates all these remotes and much more into one centralized controller.

The latest in residential technology lies in home automation. Control your lighting, HVAC, pool controls and link all your home entertainment electronics (televisions, Hifi systems, Blu ray players, CD and DVD collections, radio, security cameras, internet radio, game consoles, and streaming devices) into one easy to use comprehensive system.

The advantages of home automation lie in moving all your audio/visual equipment into one centralized location. Compile all your CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu ray’s into one accessible library for everyone to enjoy throughout your home easily.


Each room is linked with a centralized control system that is controlled via an application available for tablets and smartphones. With this application you can search and play music from your collection, flip through TV channels, or start up your favorite movie. Add closed circuit TV cameras to the system and enhance your ability to know what’s going on around your home with touch of a button.

We are certified dealers for Creston, Lutron, and Savant. All the necessary programming is done here in house in order to ensure that every system runs perfectly to fit the needs of the user. With our own in house programmer we ensure that every system is up to date and functioning to the highest standards possible.

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Security & Intercoms


Monitor the front door or gate, watch the kids by the swimming pool, or check on the baby napping in the nursery. You can control security cameras and watch what’s going on around your house right from the app via your tablet or smartphone.

Audio Distribution


Enjoy music throughout the entire home or in just the room you choose with a centralized audio server. Listen to your jazz CDs while you are cooking in the kitchen, the kids are playing video games in the media room, and your partner listens to the radio out on the terrace. Stream your iTunes music or any other music.

Home Theater


Create the ultimate home theater with Crestron Total Home Technology. Using the proper app take control , dim the lights, close the shades, the screen opens, the temperature adjusts, the AV components turn on, the inputs are selected, the volume is set and the Blu Ray server begins to play your movie.

HVAC Control


No need to get up or even be home to adjust climate controls. With Crestron, you can control multiple zones from one location and easily pre-set temperature set points. Keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature while you’re out, and programmed to automatically adjust to more comfortable levels by the time you get home. Getting home early? Use your tablet or smartphone to control the HVAC remotely, even monitor the wine cellar or greenhouse atrium temperatures.

Media Streaming


Today our lives have become digitized. In the past people kept massive music libraries of hundreds of audio CD’s and Vinyl recordings. Today more and more of that content are available digitally. Streaming music and video has never been easier. Media servers now stream music, movies, and TV shows anywhere in your home without having to be in each room.

Shading Control


Seasons change and along with them so does the amount of daylight. Motorized shade controls along with motorized draperies can give you the ability to change daytime into night time for restful sleep so seasonal change doesn’t have to affect your sleep patterns. With motorized shades and motorized drapery you can attain the perfect balance of exterior views and privacy. Using natural light can be cost efficient as well. Effective automating shades and draperies you can keep heat in your home during the evening and use the suns natural heat during the day. Each window treatment is available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics in order to compliment the décor of any room in your home.

Lighting Automation


Whether it is movie night, an intimate dinner for two, a business party or a quiet Sunday Brunch reading the newspaper, having the right lighting establishes the mood. Traveling out of town or forced to stay late at work? The lights can execute pre-programmed scenes to simulate established lifestyle patterns even if no one is there. Dimmers can adjust internal lighting according to natural light levels in the home or incrementally over a pre-determined time period. Lighting shouldn’t just mean your indoor lighting it encompass your outdoor areas as well. Dark and slippery walkways are an accident waiting to happen. But when you add exterior controllable lighting they become safe and well lit pathways to your home. Adjust the lighting for an evening by the pool or a night of entertaining on the patio. Indoors or outdoors become the master of your lighting with a button push.



The network is the fundamental part of the home automation system. We make the home network as reliable and secure as possible. We do this by offering enterprise level networking equipment without the enterprise price tag. Imagine a wireless system with no dead zones or drop off points. You will be able to stand outside in the garden or sit by the pool and quickly browse the internet. Our network systems will give you the wireless freedom you’ve dreamt about.

Bring all your audio, video, and surveillance equipment into one centralized system. Control your home from your tablet or smartphone from anywhere in your house.

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Home Theater


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