Set Up Your Conference Rooms for Productivity

Why You Need Commercial-Grade AV Technology and Control

We all have been to unproductive meetings and it is easy to see them as exercises in wasted time.  Of course, we know meetings are necessary whenever you have a group of people working to accomplish business goals.   Communicating effectively with co-workers is essential when you need to move a project forward, build a product, negotiate a deal, or do just about anything that requires more than one individual.

Technology has had a huge role in transforming the way people work together.  Where once paper, email, and telephones were primary methods of communicating, today’s technology has sophisticated audio, video, and collaboration platforms. Teams work together effectively without having to be in physical proximity.

But to get that optimal level of productivity, you need to have the right systems.  Too many meeting spaces and conference rooms today employ outdated technology that can hinder rather than foster collaboration.  If your meeting spaces aren’t using the latest in commercial AV technology, your team may not be as productive as they could be.  As they say, time is money.  Let’s explore some ways you can update your collaboration environments for more effective meetings.

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Modern Audio-Video

One common area where conference room AV often falls flat is connectivity. You may have been in a situation where a Macintosh laptop user doesn’t have the right cable to connect to a room projector, and the one provided only works with a PC.  Today, we want to share information from Windows laptop, a Chromebook, a Mac, an iPad, just to name a few.

Consider upgrading to a system that offers a simple way to connect a device, wired or wirelessly.  Automate easily with a conference room system that provides one-button control to dim lights, turn on a projector or screen to the right input, and even enable a microphone for pushing audio through speakers so everyone can hear the presentation.

With the popularity of systems like Skype, Zoom, and GoToMeeting, video conferencing is widely used.  But some conference rooms are still stuck in the past.  You may want to check into the latest camera and microphone systems for your meeting spaces. Distributed microphones and microphone arrays can enable everyone in your room to be heard on an audio or video call. The latest camera systems can easily connect with laptops and integrate with communication platforms enabling user-friendly ways to extend these applications to the conference room setting.

Easy Control

Another way to frustrate teams in meeting spaces is with systems that are difficult to decipher.  How do you dim the lights?  What about adjusting the temperature in a room that’s too warm?  Control systems from proven vendors like Crestron and Control4 can make operating a conference room easy for anyone.

With one touch, the lights can be dimmed for a presentation, a screen lowered, and the projector turned on.  If you have motorized shades, those can be automated along with the lights and climate.  An automated room will increase comfort, reduce the time for people to figure out the system, and let them collaborate more effectively.  And with automation, lights, climate, and AV systems can be tuned appropriately to save energy and lengthen equipment life.

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