Set Up Your Conference Rooms for Productivity

Why You Need Commercial-Grade AV Technology and Control We all have been to unproductive meetings and it is easy to see them as exercises in wasted time.  Of course, we know meetings are necessary whenever you have a group of people working to accomplish business goals.   Communicating effectively with co-workers is essential when you need to move a project forward, build a product, negotiate a deal, or do just about anything that requires more than one individual. Technology has had a huge role in transforming the way people work together.  Where once paper, email, and telephones were primary methods of communicating, today’s technology has sophisticated audio, video, and collaboration platforms. Teams work together effectively without having to be in physical proximity. But to get that optimal level of productivity, you need to have the right systems.  Too many meeting spaces and conference rooms today employ outdated technology that can hinder rather than foster collaboration.  If your meeting spaces aren’t using the latest in commercial AV technology, your team may not be as productive as they could be.  As they say, time is money.  Let’s explore some ways you can update your collaboration environments for more effective meetings. […]